Gilgamesh of Uruk or Gil is a famous transmortal.


After doing many deeds to becomes famous (such as besting Enkidu) Gilgamesh dived into the ocean for the fruit of life. He came back up exhausted but successful. He lay on the beach in agony. Nolan a hungry boy ate the fruit because he thought Gil was dead. Gil cursed him and later became a transmortal. In modern times whenever he ran out of money he played NFL football. Gil comes to Ashtown in The Drowned Vault along with many fellow transmortals. They riot but are barely beaten back. Gil destroys the water cube in an attempt on the lives of Cyrus Smith and his sister Antigone Smith. Later he almost kills Antigone with a bow and arrows on Nova Scotia. She is saved by her angelskin. He captures Antigone and Rupert Greeves. He takes them to the throne room of Radu Bey. Gilgamesh leaves to attack Dr. Phoenix who is on the Mississippi River. He is captured by the Smith's, Rupert, a few transmortals, the Boones, and the Livingstones. He is in captivity until he escapes when Ashtown is attacked during The Empire of Bones.


Gilgamesh is described a huge man denser than earth with a carpet of chest hair. His tree-trunk size arms are covered in hair. He has a dark beard all the way up to his cheekbones. He has huge sparkling eyeballs and thick, curly hair on his head that is commonly oiled.  His fingers are the size of cucumbers and he has six of them. Gil's purple lips are thick and his teeth are factory-perfect. His voice is smooth.


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