The 1914 Order of Brendan Guidelines for Acolytes were often regarded by modern day members of the O. of B. as extremelly rigorous and almost impossible. However, this is ironic because 1910-1914 were the years when the Order had the most members.

The GuidelinesEdit

  • Linguistic: Competency in one ancient language and one modern (in addition to their mother tongue) is required.
  • Celestial Navigation: Acolytes must complete a three-day open-sea voyage without instruments (may be tested in pairs).
  • Weaponry: Acolytes must achieve the rank of Free Scholar with dagger, foil, and saber and the rank of Marksman with small-caliber pistol and rifle.
  • Aerocraft: Acolytes must complete pilot qualification in the Bristol Scout biplane or comparable (to include advanced maneuvers and solo flight).
  • Medicinal: Acolytes must be competent in the diagnosis and herbal treatment of infectious disease, the resuscitation of the drowned, the setting of bones, and the amputation of limbs.
  • Physical Fitness: Apart from specific exclusions granted by the community of Keepers, Acolytes must be capable of running a grass-track mile in under six and one-half minutes, submerging for a duration greater than two and one-quarter minutes, and free diving to a depth of ninety feet.
  • Zoology: Acolytes must show themselves capable of handling creatures of at least five distinct and deadly species.
  • The Occult: Acolytes must demonstrate themselves to be impervious to hypnosis and intrusive telepathy.
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